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High Quality Anime in x264 Encode's


Thank you ahead of time for donating. All donations go directly to the hosting costs & resources. We accept donations through Paypal; All major credit cards accepted. See PayPal for more information.
Before you make a support contribution to BluDragon, whether its a Donation or any other way of support, you should not proceed unless you agree to these Terms Of Agreement.

FAQ: What happens when i donate to BluDragon ?

When you make a Donation Contribution to the BluDragon Support Fund, you’re contributing to help in the maintaining of the Hosting and Management fees of the server. The support funds are being added up until the monthly target is reached, and then immediately transferred to our Hosting Provider in order to cover the monthly hosting fees.

FAQ: Can i get a refund for my donation ?

Answer: Our Refund Policy is that we do not refund donations. A donation is a gift of a free will in order to help the group, and the funds from the donations are immediately applied toward our monthly hosting service fees. Therefore if you intend to ask for a refund please do not donate in the first place. We’re asking for support, not begging for it.

Thank you for supporting BluDragon


The BluDragon Staff


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